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Fire Suppression

As leading baler and conveyor manufacturers, Presona believes safety, security and employee protection is paramount, we have taken this to a new level with the developement of SupPressa™ – a fire mitigating solution that protects your business, assets and staff.

What is it?

SupPressa™ is a rapid automated fire suppression system that detects and extinguishes fire outbreaks.
The result is better protection against complete site shutdown and keeps you operational with minimal downtime.


How does it work?

A series of pressurised tubing and nozzles are installed around your baling equipment.
One of the lines detects a fire outbreak and depressurises upon fire impact. This then activates the secondary line to expel the suppressant through the nozzles and extinguishes the fire within seconds.
The system also contains manual override buttons for early operator intervention, which will then douse the entire equipment for full effect.


Why Now?

There has never been a more important time to protect your business from a catastrophic fire outbreak.
With increased volumes of recycled materials, and more lithium batteries produced year on year to power our electricals, there are increased risks these days on fires within the recycling industry.

Some of the benefits include:

• Safe workplace for staff
• Protect your business
• Stop long term shut down
• Reduce insurance costs

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What does it protect?

Baler Protection

It’s not uncommon for the stray lithium-ion battery making its way into the baler chamber at the compaction stage.

This can lead to a violent reaction resulting in a major fire. The SupPressa™ covers vital areas such like:

• The tying unit
• The hydraulic unit
• The press chamber


Conveyor and Pit sections

Conveyors and the pit sections can often build up with material, this in turn can cause the materials to get caught within the mechanical gearing and generate friction leading to fires.

Trigger lines and nozzles are run along the underside of the valances, pit plates and chassis to ensure maximum protection.


Electrical protection

Electrical cabinets can suffer from malfunctions or overheating of components - Sparking/arcing and wire fatigue.

Any of these can cause devastating fires within the cabinet. With SupPressa™, the system is run near all major components to detect any issues with the key items.


Serviceing the SupPressa

Taking care of the SupPressa™ is vital for maintaining the safety and wellbeing of your staff. This is why we work closely with Fireward to ensure maximum efficiency at your sites.
It’s strongly advised that the system is serviced every 6 months and carried out by qualified and trained engineers in the fire industry. We will arrange this with yourself and Fireward for peace of mind.
All you have to do is carry out routine daily checks for damage and correct pressures etc.

If you would like to download a copy of our SupPressa™ brochure, click the button below.

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