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Our Core Values


We see each other as family members as well as team players, doing our best to stay together and achieve our goals. We focus on win-win scenarios, always coming up with a resolution, not compromising on the outcome.  We are flexible in our work and will change our approach to get excellent results. 



We are committed and self-motivated to exceed customer requirements and expectations. We’re driven to provide exceptional standards of service and create a place where employees can be passionate and enthusiastic about their work.



We behave professionally, always using our core values to guide us, communicating positively at all times with team members and customers both publicly and privately. 




We are always approachable, polite and well-mannered, as well as helpful and considerate to all people. We all need to get work done so we strive to do it with a smile and a positive attitude, doing our best to spread a bit of sunshine!  




We are kind and compassionate and mindful of how others feel. We give help whenever and wherever it is needed and will be understanding, tolerant and thoughtful when we are asking for help.



When an opportunity arises, we use a system-structured innovation before we look for a people-based solution. We follow the system exactly until a more appropriate system is tested and put in place. We prioritise system improvements to deliver superior results. 



We do the right thing for employees, customers and the community. We consistently catch people doing things right. This is the best way to develop a positive environment and supportive culture. 




We are light-hearted and enjoy the journey, doing our best not to take life too seriously, creating a fun and happy atmosphere where we appreciate one another.   


We are strong and outgoing, using good ethics to take high levels of responsibility and deliver full accountability for our actions.


We take ownership to constantly improve and keep growing our company. We get results for the team and our customers using our best-can-do attitude. We use systems to deliver a consistent level of service and provide positive behaviours in all situations with all people.  



We are open to and respectful of other people’s opinions, doing our best to understand their views. We talk to people how they would like to be talked to and are mindful of the impact of our responses. We are not afraid to ask questions to gain a better understanding to help us find the best forward-moving solution.   



We behave honestly and give prompt, relevant feedback on performance. We do what we say we’re going to do and if we can’t we take an immediate active role in learning how to do so. We admit to errors, so we can all learn how to improve our systems and ourselves to keep moving forward.

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