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Our Technology

Prepress Technology

Presona's LP series balers use unique prepress technology. 

Using our prepress system, unlike conventional systems, your baler will no longer cut off excess material. Instead, it will rely on an initial prepress compression step to deliver the best bales.

The benefits:

  • Fewer moving parts

  • Less wear and tear

  • More reliable

  • Reduced maintenance

  • Increased energy efficiency


Improved energy efficiency

Presona's fully automatic LP Series Balers rely on compression alone to achieve the optimum bale, using 100% of power for compaction. This makes them up to 60% more energy efficient than comparable shear balers.

How it works

  • The material fills the main press chamber and hopper​

  • The prepress descends, compressing the material with a downward force, ensuring the chamber is fully filled

  • The main horizontal ram compresses the material using maximum force

  • While steps 2 and 3 are taking place, the material continues to fill the hopper, sitting on top of the closed prepress

  • Compression continues until the pre-set bale length is reached

  • Bale strapping begins

  • The prepress opens

  • Material from the hopper fills the chamber


The process of creating a baler repeats.

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