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At Presona, we understand that buying a waste baler is a key investment. Time spent on researching the right model to cope with both current and future material throughputs is time well spent.

To help you identify the baler that will best suit your needs, we recommend you consider these three questions:

  1. Will it save me money?

  2. Will it make me more time and labour efficient?

  3. Will it make my day-to-day business operations easier and less stressful? 


If you can answer yes to all three questions and can identify improvements in terms of increased throughput speeds, reduced maintenance requirements, less operator time, increased bale density and lower transport movements and costs, then you’ve found a good match.




















Presona's fully automatic balers are designed to deliver exceptional performance and are the origin of the Pre-Press concept. We’ll only ever recommend one if we’re certain it will save you money, make you more efficient and make your business easier to run.



Presona balers can be used to compact the following materials:

  • Paper and cardboard including OCC, newsprint, magazines and mixed papers

  • Plastics including PET, HDPE, ABS, PVC and films

  • RDF and SRF

  • Municipal waste and solid waste

  • Packaging materials

  • Manufacturing waste

  • Textiles and carpets

  • Metals

Presona Mega Fully Automatic Baler
Presona Recycling Baler

LP Range balers

Please click the link below for more details on our fully automatic LP series balers:


How to choose the right baler

Before deciding on a recycling baler you need to know the following details:

  1. Your required throughput per hour (in tonnes or cubic metres)

  2. The material(s) to be baled

  3. Your ideal bale size and weight 


Give us these details and we will recommend the right baler for your needs. Call our team on 01278 444527 or email us on

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