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Presona Industrial Conveyors

Chain belt conveyors are an integral part of recycling and waste management plants. But few have been designed specifically for these demanding applications.

Presona UK has a history of designing and supplying bespoke conveyor systems to support its LP Series balers and has used this expertise to design a completely new conveyor system, called PUKConveyor TM, which can be fitted to any make of baler and responds directly to the demands of recycling and waste management plants.

The result is a new range of conveyors which is stronger, better suited to rugged environments, and easier to maintain and upgrade than any others currently available.

Features include:

  • Versatile - can be used with any make of baler – not just a Presona.

  • Bespoke – tailored to individual requirements, materials and footprints.

  • Innovative – designed to solve recycling/waste problems by including high-side walls and a suspension system to accommodate exceptional tonnages.

  • Heavy duty – galvanised inside and out; improved powder coated finish; slat and chain construction that can flex; resistant to chemicals.

  • Modular – quick to assemble, adjust and maintain.

  • Service-friendly – parts are modular, bolted and easily accessible with replacements available. Engineering support is available 24/7. 

Some of our current customers with a PUKConveyor TM include: 

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PUKConveyors are built to last, the design has grown and adapted to suit the needs and requirements of the recycling industry to reduce the frustrations that people face with other makes of conveyors.

Everything has been taken into consideration when Presona designed the PUKConveyor TM, from the old-style slat and pins to suspension that allows for heavier loads. Nothing has gone missed within the design process.

The old slat and pin style created problems as the slat were not fixed in place which allowed for movement and stretching of the belt. Our design means that the slats are now fixed in place to stop unnecessary wear and tear to the machine.

Chain Coveyors by Presona

The sprockets on a PUKConveyor move independently to cater for the alignment of the chain. Therefore, removing slack that can build over time and stops the belt from twisting and causing unnecessary problems further down the line.

Industrial Conveyors by Presona

Another common issue with other conveyors is wear points such as runners. These parts on conveyors typically wear in time due to the chain continuously rubbing at these points.


The runners on a PUKConveyor are bolted in a way that means they can be swapped around and easily replaced to increase the longevity of the conveyor.


Standard conveyors would require welding and cutting to replace these parts. With a PUKConveyor being a modular design, the engineer will be in and out in no time, saving you downtime and other related costs to get you back up and running.

The head shaft on a PUKConveyor has been designed to make for easy access on servicing and maintenance. Working at height always has a risk factor and danger aspect, if you add welding and cutting into the mix, the risks also increase.


Therefore, Presona has designed the head shaft to make it easy to access for maintenance and repairs when required. We do not need to cut or weld any part of it, so this means we only need lifting gear to get the part removed, reducing risks and labour costs greatly.

Recycling Conveyors

Conveyors can take some abuse with heavy material being dropped onto the pit section, which in turn can cause damage and stress to various points of the conveyor.


The PUKConveyor has a flexible system built into it to cater for these unusual loads at times. It’s the cross beams that use a little flex in them to absorb some of the impacts from unusual weights.

Bespoke Belt Conveyors

Over time, conveyors can perish and start to rust very quickly. If you think about some of the materials that get transported by conveyors, there can be many different chemicals and liquids they can encounter. Over time this will eat through the metals and begin to rust and corrode the equipment.


Presona’s PUKConveyors are all galvanised and powder coated to protect them from these elements. This prolongs the life of the conveyor even longer, and with its modular construction, any damaged parts can easily be replaced/upgraded with minimal downtime and costs.


You won’t have to buy another conveyor; we can just replace the worn/damaged parts with ease.

Presona Balers and Coveyors

All our PUKConveyor systems are manufactured and built in Bridgwater Somerset by our experienced engineering team. If you would like to see one being built, you can either come to our main office, watch the video HERE or contact us to arrange a site visit with one of our customers closer to you.

If you would like more information on a PUKConveyor from Presona. Please click on one of the buttons below, where one of the team will be more than happy to help.

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