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We don’t make run of the mill balers, conveyors or waste extraction systems. We know that everyone’s requirements are unique, which is why we work with you to tailor your system so that it fits your process perfectly.

Baler design

When it comes to our balers there are some features that are true for all Presona models. These include:

  • Programming and control – all models have a pre-programmable control system and display panels. This is used to set parameters for and quickly switch between different materials. It can also be used to check operational progress.

  • Safety – all balers are CE-marked and meet the EU’s machine directive. Moving parts are protected and fitted with safety switches with automatic shut off.

  • Maintenance – steps and work platforms are fitted on the strapping unit and material distributor. Lubrication points provide easy access.

  • A wide range of options to ensure bespoke functionality.

Fully autromatic Baler Designed By Presona

Click here for more information on LP Series balers.

Conveyor design

While each conveyor is built to your bespoke dimensions, we have developed a range of modular components that makes our design quick to construct, simple to maintain and easy to alter and upgrade.


We have also incorporated unique elements such as high side walls and flexible suspension making them ideal for rugged recycling environments.  

Bespoke Presona Conveyor Design

Click here for more information on our conveyors.

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