LP Series

LP Series Balers

Invest in an fully automatic LP Series Baler and you’ll see the difference. For starters you’ll save man hours, you’ll improve energy and production efficiencies and we’re sure your maintenance team will be less stressed. 

That’s why 5,000 users worldwide rely on a Presona for perfect compaction.

Presona LP50 EH2 Automatic Baler
Presona LP50 EH2 Fully Automatic Baler

Bigger throughputs

LP Series Balers have a voracious appetite, powering through piles of recyclables faster than you ever hoped was possible. Where once there were stacks of material waiting to be processed, you’ll soon have empty space allowing you to grow your business quite literally into new areas.

Rugged and reliable

They’re also engineered to be rugged and reliable. Just look at the weld quality and you’ll know that these are machines that will never let you down.

Energy efficient

As if that wasn’t enough, our prepress technology is not only more energy efficient than other types of baler, 

Better bales

LP Series Balers create high density, consistent bales that ensure you can fill your trailer with maximum material every time.

Single or multiple materials

LP Series Balers can quickly switch between material streams. Use for: OCC, newspaper, magazines, cardboard, print waste, RDF, SRF, PET, plastics, municipal and solid waste.

Model information

Available in a range of sizes to meet all capacity requirements, the Presona LP Baler Series consists of 6 basic models, the OH, EH, VH, CH, DH and XH. These letters refer to the size of the feed opening.

All models are available with either larger or doubled up motors for higher output.

The OH model is an ideal unit for the printing, packaging and graphic industries. Typically incorporating a pneumatic feeding system, the OH does not feature a prepress and so is suitable for low headroom applications. The LP 40 OH baler has a throughput capacity of up to 10 tons/hour.


The EH, VH and CH models accept and process most materials, from paper and PET bottles to household and industrial waste. Typically fed by a conveyor system, these models feature a Presona prepress and has a throughput capacity of up to 50 tons/hour.

The DH and XH models have the unique two-step prepress system. This will accommodate a feed opening width of up to 2.2m, with this width maintained from the feed opening down to the bottom of the press chamber to facilitate bulky material processing. The models have a capacity of up to 50 tons/hour.

Presona LP110 CH Automatic Baler


  • Minimum energy consumption

  • Prepress reduces wear

  • Produces optimum size and density bales

  • Easily operated

  • Mechanically reliable and quiet in operation

  • Extensive safety features, CE-marked, meets EU machine directive

  • Safest possible working conditions



The following table shows typical minimum and maximum specifications for the current LP Series Baler range.

Actual capacity (max m3/h): 250 – 820

Theoretical capacity (max m3/h): 460 – 1,260

Motor size (kW): 22 – 2 x 75

Output (tonnes/h): 6 – 46

Feed opening (mm): 1,250 x 1,100 – 2,250 x 1,100

Press force (tonnes): 50 – 140

Bale size (mm): 1,100 x 750 – 1,100 x 1,100

Bale density, paper (kg/m3): 400 – 700

Weight (tonnes):15 – 46

Throughputs and bale densities are subject to moisture content, material pre-bale density (measured in the press chamber) and other baling variables. 

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