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F42 Main press backwards when strapping

Possible cause:

All solenoid valves are de-energized.
The main press has left the front position during the strapping cycle.
The needles are reversed automatically to their upper position. When the needles have reached their upper position, or if the movement takes more than 5 seconds, the main motor stops.


Check that the needles are clear of the friction channel. If not, the needles must be reversed as follows:
Click on [Start Motor] and then [Start Auto]. Press the [-] button.
Check for leaks in the main press cylinder and valves. Check the manual opera¬tion of the valves. Press the [reset] button twice. Click on [Start Motor] and then [Start Auto] to reverse the main press.
Check the directional valve of the friction flap.
Protective clothing. Toxic oils. Only qualified personnel (16, 18, 19)

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