It's modular construction

Let’s look at one of the reasons a Presona PreVeya is the conveyor for you.

Let’s take its modular design for example.

Have you ever had a conveyor that maybe the runners have all worn down making it unsafe for use?

You would have to get a team in to start cutting out panels and parts on the conveyor that are damaged before they even start to replace with new parts. This then leads to a large bill as you have to pay for a welder and do more paperwork for hot work permits etc. This also has to be planned and risks are increased along with downtime of your equipment, especially when you have to wait for the metal to cool down.

With a PreVeya, if your runners have worn down, we can come in, unbolt the old ones and replace, all of this can be done through the inspection and service hatches along our conveyors, making it simple, time-effective and cost-effective, getting you back up and running in no time.

This is just one reason why a PreVeya is perfect for you if you want to know more about our conveyors. Call one of the team today who will be more than happy to help.

See a world where recycling just works!

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