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Usel support their local society and circular economy with a refurbished Presona baler

Richard Portas

5 Nov 2021

Usel is Northern Irelands largest supporter of people...

Usel is Northern Irelands largest supporter of people with disabilities and health conditions and helps over 1200 people each year to move into and sustain employment. They train these individuals to acquire new skills, knowledge and experience and give them opportunities that others may not.

With Usel sporting a strong business model in sustaining a circular economy, they turned to Presona UK in helping with their increased recycling needs with an economic and efficient solution.

The Presona baler was no stranger to their recycling solutions as they previously had one and liked its reliability, ease of use and energy-saving features – so much so, they decided to upgrade to another Presona baler and conveyor.

The baler suited the needs of the business and its plans to grow and the Presona LP50 and conveyor has formed an integral part of the plans. The particular baler that Usel invested in was in fact “upcycled” – it had been used by another commercial recycler before being fully refurbished by Presona UK to standards that comply with all 2021 legislation.

Usel’s refurbished baler is also accompanied with a new PreVeya – a purpose-built, Presona UK conveyor for the recycling industry. The combination of both baler and PreVeya complement each other for an effective and seamless operation.

With the range of different materials that Usel process at their Belfast site and the future plans, changing between the different materials needed to be quick and efficient to keep up with their increased volume levels.

Presona balers are designed to make these changes with ease. Each baler is equipped with set programs for various materials - for the operators it’s as simple as selecting the desired material with a touch of a button, and the baler does the rest of the work. This simplifies the process and speeds up production around the baling process – not just for Usel, but all Presona balers.

Scott Jackson – Head of Manufacturing and Recycling, said “The efficient nature of Presona balers has played a huge part in ensuring that operations run smoothly and effectively within our recycling process. The efficiency of the LP50 also plays a big part in supporting our circular economy and is proving to be a valued asset within the department.”

The entire installation process was carefully managed by Presona’s projects team putting the customer at “ease”. This meant that Usel were able to carry on about their business while Presona handled the install.

Usel operates a circular business model that contributes to a circular economy with the recycling of mattresses, carpets, furniture, plastic, cardboard and waste electrical items. They have a strong aim to keep resources within the economy until the product has reached the end of its lifecycle. This allows Usel to create more sustainable jobs for people with disabilities and health conditions across Northern Ireland.

Richard Portas – Presona’s Customer Accounts Manager, said “Seeing a used baler brought back to life is always rewarding. Our balers are built and designed to last with some at 40 plus years old and still running strong. With the right care and maintenance – much like a typical car – they will simply keep on going.”

Presona has a range of balers suited to the recycling industry. With press forces ranging from 40 tonnes per hour right up to 270 tonnes, Presona has a baler for you. If you would like more information on any of Presona’s products and services giving give them a call today on 01278 444 527, and one of the team will be more than happy to handle any of your enquiries.

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