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Presona's new QuickTipTM will save you time, team and money.

Richard Portas

23 Mar 2020

Leading logistic firms have embraced Presona’s knowledge...

Leading logistic firms have embraced Presona’s knowledge and expertise with a new conveyor system across the UK and Ireland with smart, time and cost-saving solution for cage tipping; QuickTip.

Designed and developed by Presona’s project team, QuickTip is a simple low cost, low maintenance, reduced labour solution to fit or retrofit to conveyors in distribution, recycling and logistics centres where labour costs have risen and will continue to rise in coming years.

The Presona QuickTip supports the whole supply chain but specifically those facilities management companies and recycling centre operators who are faced with the escalating cost challenges.

The design enables board and plastic waste product of varying sizes and shapes to be move from “cage to conveyor” quickly, using reduced manual intervention by operators and avoiding continue and multiple bending - reduce strain and injuries to operators in this part of the recycling process.

Current Conveyor Method
Current working practices around most conveyors located in sunken pits sees the operator roll the cages to the edge of the pit. Operators then open the roll cages door and begin to push, kick, shake and wrestle the waste material onto the conveyor belt.

Risks are high in this area of the balers, with operators sometimes losing their footing on the edge of the pit and falling. Equally, it has been known to lose a roll cadge into the conveyor which ultimately holds up the process further.

Richard Gould - Presona’s Project Manager observing this operation, knew there had to be a better way to help the operators, minimise injury and save customers time and money.

The 45degree inclined incorporated within Presona’s QuickTip uses a combination of gravity and the “jolt” of the cages hitting the “bump stop” to do most of the work that traditionally the operator would have to do. The speed of waste removal from the cage to the conveyor is increased and with multiple bays, cage loading occurs concurrently with waste falling from one cage as another is replenished. – simple and effective, with the added benefit of saving time and money.

Safety is always paramount to all stakeholders in the recycling industry and this is why Presona have taken a look into this type of operation to reduce ongoing problems.

One of the leading logistics companies is the first to adopt Presona’s latest design and are pleased with the effect. The design and ease of the new QuickTip system have aided operators in safer working practices and helped to speed up the recycling process across the country with some great feedback from site operatives and managers.

Richard Gould said, “QuickTip has been designed and engineered to help workers and employers. It saves company owners time and money while ensuring the safety of their teams while in use.”

“The QuickTip system mitigates slips, trips and falls as operators do not have to empty the roll cages manually, gravity now does the work for them.”

To find out more information about Presona’s QuickTip systems, or to arrange an information pack. Contact one of the team today.

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