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Fantastic Celebrations all round for the team.

Richard Portas

20 Dec 2021

The dedication and efforts from the team lead to great success...

This month has been an incredible month for the team, where the whole teams efforts and determination has paid off and been rewarded.

The efforts that the team has put in over this last year has lead to us taking not one... not two... not three, but four... that's right four awards this month!

Now that's something all of us at Presona are very proud of.

First off, we were awarded "Company of the year" by Business and Industry today.

Secondly, we were awarded "Best automatic baler solutions supplier UK" by Build - Recycling and waste management awards.

And the final two were hosted at this years Sedgemoor Business excellence awards, where we were awarded for "Customer Service Excellence" sponsored by QSS IT Solutions and the final one (on the same night) we were awarded the "Innovative Business of the Year" award - sponsored by PC Comms.

It's been an absolute pleasure to receive these awards and get recognised for the products and services we offer.

This all boils down to not just one single person or product, but to the whole effort of the team to create such a fantastic working environment to be part of.

A "BIG" well done to the whole team at Presona. Such an amazing team.

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