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Diamond Box Secures Sustainable Growth with a new Presona Baler

Richard Portas

8 Nov 2021

Diamond Box Ltd are specialists in designing and developing packaging...

Diamond Box Ltd are specialists in designing and developing packaging for many industries across the UK with a vast range of boxes and packaging produced every year. Investment in the business continues apace and complement 2 of the fastest case makers in the UK, producing a massive 250,000 cases each day, making them an increasing force to be reckoned with.

Diamond Box Ltd was founded in 2007 to establish a packaging company that didn’t just provide “packaging”, but design led, creative solutions from their West Midlands operations.

Despite the investment case and box making, site efficiencies were however compromised when their old baler failed, often stopping the lines. It also consumed higher than necessary energy and maintenance costs were increasing. Worst still, revenue was being lost on collected loads of baled trim where poor weights and low-density bales resulted in higher than necessary transport costs/tonne.

Step in Presona UK.

A site survey recorded tonnages, working practices and shift patterns, energy and collections weights for trim and allowed the Presona UK Team to present a solution that saved TIME, saved Money (>£30,000 p.a. in energy alone) and gave the TEAM at Diamond a huge leap in staying lean and competitive.

With the recent investment and installation in a new Presona LP50 EH1 ECC, their yields (and revenues) for collected trim have increased – “maxing out” on trailer weight and not space. An added bonus on top of the reliability and improved factory efficiency.

The LP50 EH1 ECC is one of the smaller balers that Presona UK supply, however it proves a popular choice for retailers and packaging firms looking to improve operational efficiencies and cut emissions – costs. For Diamond Box the new baler will have the capacity to bale over 45,000 tonnes of material each year, all of which is recycled back into new boxes – a truly circular economy!

Diamond box will be contributing towards making the planet a cleaner place with Presona balers being up to 60% more energy efficient than typical shear balers and having a collection of energy (and cost) saving options to use the right amount of energy and power.

Their new baler also has the latest remote data software, enabling Diamond box to log into their baler remotely and monitor key process and output parameters.

Diamond Box Ltd, said “As we continued to grow with the demand for fibre-based packaging, so did the trim and offcuts of our packaging materials. From this, we needed a solution that was as efficient and effective at keeping up with our requirement for the foreseeable future.”

Diamond Box added, “Sustaining a circular economy is just as important to us as supplying our customers with the best packaging solution. Presona clearly sees a world where recycling just works with the equipment and services they offer, that’s what leads us to the decision to invest in a Presona baler. Additionally, the Presona Team have worked closely and dynamically with us to provide the optimum solution.

If having a baler that can save you time, give you a productive team and be more cost and energy efficient is what you are looking for, give Presona a call today on 01278 444 527 and arrange for a site survey looking at energy, costs and operational needs.

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