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CO-OP increases Presona fleet and further reduces carbon footprint

Richard Portas

4 Nov 2021

Baler and conveyor manufacturer Presona has helped the UK...

Baler and conveyor manufacturer Presona has helped the UK retailer Co-op further reduce its carbon footprint with the installation of another 2 new Presona balers and conveyors at the firm’s Avonmouth and Thurrock Distribution Centres.

The two additional LP50 EH1 ECC baler uses Presona’s pre-press “know-how” to process cardboard and plastic on the same baler (with a simple and easy switch between the two materials). Both Co-op sites now run as “twin Presona baling sites” with the two balers operating side by side.

All of Co-op’s recovered store materials get reprocessed into new films and boxes – a complete circular loop which in 2021 forms an integral part of the recycling retail supply chain. The production of materials compacted through these balers support the Co-op in reducing the number of lorry movements in moving materials to recycling centres and mills around the UK.

Co-op, as part of the BRC’s Climate Action Roadmap – is focused on net-zero emissions by 2040 and all elements of their operations will form part of this plan. The Presona balers will make a huge difference to Co-op’s recycling efforts and additionally getting better yields for collected bales – reducing the number of “truck to mill movements” will form part of this roadmap.

As well as managing the project with Co-op and Uplands, Presona will continue to provide after-sales care and support to Co-op. Presona is leading the way with their all-inclusive contracts – a trend seen in the automotive industry – and now becoming the norm for many customers in the recycling market. This gives customers the assurance of what annual maintenance, servicing and parts spending are with some opting for 5-year all-inclusive arrangements.

Sales Manager, Mark Rose from Presona UK said “As the relationship continues to grow with the Co-op, so will our support and dedication in helping them meet their environmental obligations – a role we all have to play as we work towards reducing emissions and recovering materials”

Presona’s message - Time, Team, Money, Energy, – is core to everything they do and businesses considering a new baler project or reviewing your recovered material management, Presona Team lead the way in providing smart, money and energy-saving solutions.

If you would like to find out how you too could join Co-op in reducing your carbon footprint, please contact Presona where you can arrange a site visit to ensure you get the best solution to your recycling needs.

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