Presona fully automatic baler
Presona fully automatic baler

Presona see a world where recycling just works!

Fully automatic baler in belfast
Fully automatic baler in belfast

New Presona baler in Ireland, making their business more efficient than ever.

Ireland get a new Presona baler
Ireland get a new Presona baler

Presona baler in Belfast saving time, making an efficient team and generating money.

Presona fully automatic baler
Presona fully automatic baler

Presona see a world where recycling just works!


Do you want an effective team?

Do you wish you had more time? 

Do you want to generate more money?

We Sell, Distribute & Service Waste Balers & Machinery for Recycling In The UK

Presona are the leading suppliers of waste balers and recycling baler machines in the UK, supporting your business in being more effective and sustainable.


The UK’s residents are rapidly becoming more aware of their recycling habits and what they can consciously do to help save our planet from catastrophic climate change events. in recent years we’ve seen one of the biggest shifts in eco-friendly activity, with people choosing to opt for electric cars, or learning how to recycle their waste in the correct way, it all counts.


With 81% of consumers stating that they prefer to shop at those businesses who are positive about sustainability, it’s a no-brainer. But how does your business start recycling to save the environment and interest consumers to choose you over other competitors?

That’s where we come in. As a leading supplier of waste balers in the UK, we can support your business in being more effective and sustainable. We offer a range of waste disposal machines including fully automatic balers and cardboard balers.

If you’re already reaping the benefits of having your own recycling baler machine, then we can also complete regular maintenance and check-ups for you. Our friendly and knowledgeable team are ready and waiting, whenever you need a quick repair or service on your equipment.

What Makes Our Waste Balers So Different?

We understand that purchasing a waste baler is a valuable investment and you want to ensure that your new machine is exactly what you were looking for. Our recycling baler machines all have their own modular designs allowing them to be customised, repaired, or upgraded in the most efficient way possible. This includes our bespoke waste recycling conveyors too, as their modular design ensures they can carry out any maintenance work, clear any blockages with ease, and become suitable for any baler.

Your options are endless with our recycling baler machines as they can be used to compact various materials including paper and cardboard, metals, plastics, and municipal waste.

Why Our Recycling Machinery? 

Alongside our excellent products and services, we also have an expert team who can support you with your Presona products. From design, installation, and maintenance, our team have it covered. We’re dedicated to caring for the environment and helping you to do the same by having your own recycling and waste baler equipment.

We can make a difference in your business. From putting you first, to providing solutions that deliver, we can add value to your recycling business and offer that ongoing support that is needed. Find out more about our core values here.

Our waste disposal machines are a great way to see a world where recycling just works, and we’d love to make that happen for your business. Find out more about our machines, including fully automatic balers and cardboard balers by heading to our machinery page. Equally if you do have any concerns and are interested in how we can help you, get in touch today.


Presona's fully automatic balers are designed and built with the focus on efficiency, quality, safety and sustainability. When you choose a Presona baler you are not just installing compaction equipment, you are investing in your team, improving productivity, increasing flexibility, reducing downtime and cutting energy costs.



We have designed our Presona UK conveyor's with your team, your time, and costs in mind. Our UK conveyors are built using a modular design meaning your team can carry out maintenance and clear blockages with ease. In the long run, this can and will save on downtime and will reduce your costs for regular services on your conveyor.


Presona can give you an excellent service when it comes to looking after you and your equipment. We tailor-make services to suit your requirements whatever the situation. We have a supportive and strong team waiting to help you whenever you need it.