Presona and The Capital Group create a partnership

LEADING recycling machinery manufacturer Presona UK has launched an exciting partnership with specialist leasing company The Capital Group to give clients even more choice and flexibility with upgrading, replacing or even purchasing their first baler and conveyor.


Under the partnership Somerset based, Presona UK, can now offer clients a wide range of payments terms for both new and refurbished equipment.


By leasing balers and conveyors, clients can preserve their capital for other uses. Leasing is tax-efficient and also enables accurate and accountable monthly budgeting by providing manageable monthly repayment terms, irrespective of interest rate fluctuations or other economic pressures.


Clients can be assured repayments will be fixed throughout the term of their agreement, while allowing them to acquire the most efficient and up-to-date equipment on the market, rather than being limited to what they can simply afford at the time.


By retaining capital in their business, they can then use their money for other profitable purposes rather than machinery purchases – having capital also means they are more likely to be approved for finance and free-up overdrafts or loans for other parts of the business.


Richard Portas, Customer Accounts Manager at Presona UK, said: “Why tie-up significant amounts of valuable capital in outright equipment purchases when leasing is the most tax-efficient vehicle for acquiring equipment for businesses?


“It is the use of the equipment, rather than ownership, which drives productivity gains and savings. Leased equipment effectively pays for itself while it is being used and companies can easily upgrade to new equipment through their lease agreement.”


Leasing through Presona UK and The Capital Group gives clients the flexibility to upgrade ageing or obsolete equipment for very little or no increase to the monthly payments.


Other benefits include:


  • Fixed-term leases

  • Fixed monthly payments

  • Rentals are 100% allowable against taxable profits

  • Allows you to acquire the equipment you need not just what you can afford


For more information about Presona balers and conveyors and the lease options available contact Presona on 01278 444 527.