Upgrade your wire gantry

Did you know that we can offer an effective solution to the way you feed wire to your baler?

If you are currently using 25kg spools of wire to feed your baler, then we have a very effective solution for you so that you can save time, make your team more efficient and save you even more money.

Let’s look at how you might be replacing the wire on your baler –

Currently, you might have up to 10 x 25kg spools of wire that feeds your baler. Each day you’re baling your recycled materials and using this wire up, for example, you might be replacing the wire (10 spools) every 2.5 days, depending on your throughput. So, in a 5-day week, that’s 20 spools a week.

To replace those 25kg spools it probably takes you/your operators, 2 hours a week to replace them. Let’s say that you do this for 20 weeks. This equates to 40 hours you’re paying someone to replace wire (a full week’s wage). Even on minimum wage, that’s £348.80 it’s costing just to replace the wires on your baler.

With the upgrade package, we can enable you to have 500kg formers of wire to feed your baler.

This means, every 10 weeks you would need to replace the 500kg formers (all 10 of them) and this would take an hour to replace them. Let’s stick with the same throughputs and times. So, in 20 weeks it would take 2 hours to change them over.

Again, sticking with minimum wage, it would cost £17.44 to replace the wires on your baler in the same 20 weeks. That a saving of £331.36 over that 20-week span and an annual saving of £861.54.

We know that some of you may be thinking, we don’t really have enough room to get a forklift next to the baler to get these 500kg formers in. Don’t worry, we have thought of this and designed our own dollies to cope with weight and usage.

This means that you can load the dollies where it’s safe to do so, and then just push them into place by your baler. There is no need for manual handling like with the 25kg spools, so you will be mitigating the risk of injury to you and your staff.

Not only would you be saving on time and costs associated with replacing the baler wire, but you will also be saving on the wire itself. This is due to the fact that it is cheaper to buy the wire in large formers instead of the 25kg spools as you will be purchasing in bulk.

With this upgrade, you really can utilise the space around your balers to ensure smooth and safe operations.

If this is something that you would like more information or a quote on, please call one of the team on 01278 444 527.

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