What a beast!

To put things into perspective, our LP100 balers are the same length as a basking shark at 11.5m.

That gentle giant feeds on small plankton in the oceans to survive, whereas our gentle giant feeds on various recycled materials, like cardboard, paper and plastic.

Our LP100 is given it’s name due to it’s 100-tonne press force in the main ram - That’s a lot of pressure compacting materials into dense bales.

The Basking Shark filters through 2000 litres (1.9 tonnes) of ocean water every hour, whereas our LP100 can process up to 45 tonnes of recycled material an hour.

With that capacity, an LP100 has the possibility to stop almost 200,000 tonnes of material from reaching our oceans and becoming part of the Basking Sharks diet each year.

Now that’s seeing a world where recycling just works!

If you would like more information on our LP100 series, give the team a call today.

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