Ocean Clean Project

Last weekend team Presona got together on a beach clean event with Keep Britain Tidy in an attempt to remove as much man-made waste products from a UK beach in Bideford.

The cleaning project was a great success and plenty of fun was had with everyone involved. So much so, that another planned beach clean is looking at being organised in the near future.

It was a great time at the beach with some fantastic company, doing good for the environment and also a good bit of exercise for everyone who took part.

Even though it wasn't a hot sunny day, the slight bit of rain that they had didn't dampen the Presona teams spirit and everyone got stuck in and had some fun, even the little ones! What kid want's to go to the beach and pick up rubbish?! Well, these ones did once they realised what it was for and what good it was doing.

There were some interesting and astonishing finds during the beach clean. It's incredible to think how far waste product travels around the globe, like this piece above, it possibly found it's way from china/japan all the way to our English shores.

This was just one of the many different things that were discovered. The amount of shotgun shells, ropes, tubs and bottle caps that wash up on the shores is unbelievable.

The image above shows what you might just see on the beach as you walk on by, but the image below shows that if you just remove the first layer of stones, you unveil a lot more waste product that's hiding away. And this was only a 1m patch, the beach was over 2 miles long!

Never the less, the team kept on ploughing through the stones and removing as much of the waste products that have hit our shores. Presona highly recommends if you are just sat at home with nothing to do. Why not head on down to a local beach and pick up as much as you can. It's not only good for the world, but it's good for your body and mind. Every little bit will help to save our planet.

This really does go to show how much of a problem there is with man-made waste that is hitting our oceans and that something really needs to be implemented to help save the animals of the ocean.

If you fancy joining us on our next outing to the beach. Drop us an email at sales@presona.co.uk

You really can make a difference and start to see a world where recycling just works!

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