DS Smith has the tech!

DS Smith has got some interesting tech in place to measure the amount of plastic contamination in bales that come from UK household and commercial waste streams, which we have been honoured to see in operation.

Click here to see how they are checking paper and cardboard waste for contamination.

There is some very interesting information on their process and the data they have found.

In the last year, they have measured enough plastic contamination found in paper and cardboard materials to fill 4.8 million black bin bags.

I think it goes to show that we all need to do our part in separating our recycling. It all helps in the long run and will help us all to have a more sustainable planet.

DS Smith has also got an interesting report, called "Tipping Point" for you to read on why we all need to change so we can support the planet.

See a world where recycling just works!

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