CO-OP Pizza, it's so good, it's good for the planet!

Who fancies Pizza? and what better way to celebrate going into the weekend than with a Pizza in front of your favourite TV program.

But have you ever wondered about the polystyrene discs that your pizza's sit on, and ever thought if this could be done a better way?

Well CO-OP has already thought about this and made some simple, yet amazing changes.

It’s great to see the CO-OP eliminating 200 tonnes of non-recyclable waste and replacing the polystyrene discs in your pizza boxes with cardboard.

This is such a fantastic way to make a difference in the world. So you can rest assured tonight (or when you next have pizza), when you put your feet up and finish your Coop Pizza, that all the waste is now fully recycled (and probably baled!!) and you’re doing your bit for the planet, albeit not so good for your diet. 😊

If you want to look at other ways that one of our customers is making changes to help the planet, click on the link below.

See a world where recycling just works!

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