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M43 Needles have left limit switch

Possible cause:

All solenoid valves are de-energized.
The needles have left their position but the baler is not performing a strapping cycle.
The needles are reversed automatically to their upper position. When the needles have reached their upper position, or if the movement takes more than 5 seconds, the main motor stops.


Check that the needles are clear of the friction channel. If not, the needles must be reversed as follows:
Click on [Start Motor] and then [Start Auto]. Press the [-] button.
Check for leaks in the main press cylinder and valves.
Check the manual operation of the valves. Press the [reset] button twice. Click on [Start Motor] and then [Start Auto] to reverse the main press.
Protective clothing. Toxic oils. Only qualified personnel (16, 18, 19)

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