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F37 Prepress obstructed

Possible cause:

All solenoid valves are de-energized.
The prepress has been moving for more than 90 seconds, without managing a full stroke.
The obstruction recurs frequently.


Stop the conveyor system, on the control panel screen or the conveyor control panel.
Push the [Reset] button on the control panel.
Push the [-] button until both prepress and main press are at their rear positions.
Turn off the baler.
Set the main switch to OFF and secure it.
Open the access door and clear the press chamber from excessive material.
Select a lower photocell level in the pre-filling hopper.
Set a shorter time-delay for the photocells.
Ensure a regular supply of material.
Access doors. Lethal hazard. Only qualified personnel (1, 12, 19)

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