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F32 Sensor needles defect

Possible cause:

All solenoid valves are de-energized.
One of the needle limit switches is defective or an incorrect combination has oc¬curred, (e.g. needles detected at upper and lower positions simultaneously).
This error is indicated only in automatic mode. In manual mode the baler stops without indication on the main control panel display.
The needles have taken too long to start their downward movement.


Adjust the needle limit switches so that the needles are set to a position where they cannot be damaged by the main press.
Exchange any defective limit switch for an identical new item.
Push the [Reset] button for 30 seconds to clear the error message. A message shows the time remaining to reset error message 32.
Adjust the needle flow valve.
Check the operation of the needle motion valve.
Only qualified personnel (19)

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