Presona's message on COVID-19




At Presona, we realise that the situation with COVID-19 will, or already has started to

impact us all. With this in mind, it is in our best interest to ensure the safety of our staff

and customers are priority in order to reduce the impact and spread of the virus.
We have been carefully monitoring the COVID-19 situation, and the government advice.

We will remain open for business as normal and wish to reassure our customers and

share our current plans with you.
Any Presona staff who are displaying symptoms of COVID-19 are being asked to self-isolate under the government guidelines. The same applies if any member of their household shows the same symptoms.
Mitigating the spread and avoiding business disruption
We are taking the following steps to protect our business, workforce and customers:

  • Postponing “face to face” customer, supplier and team meetings, or attending these by conference or video call instead.

  • Encouraging and enabling staff to work from home, where this is practical and possible.

  • Increased hand hygiene protocols; in the office and in the field from our network of vans.

  • Relaxing the requirement for a customer to sign off works using an employee’s electronic device.

  • We will be carrying out essential works to the government's guidelines reference COVID-19 to key supply chains on the recommended business list.


Postponement of non-essential repairs and routine servicing
The aim in the coming months is to avoid a ‘total loss’ of our engineering field staff related to the COVID-19 virus and thus maintain 7-day Presona cover across this unprecedented period.
We, therefore, will divide the team we have into two; essential works and non-essential works with a priority on essential works for the foreseeable future.
We may on occasions limit ourselves by design or through necessity to sending a ‘one-man team’ to attend any works. This will reduce the risks associated with the proximity in working/travelling but also may require some on-site support for bigger/heavier works.
This will allow us to minimise the impact to our customer base and allow us to respond to essential, reactive calls and keep key assets running.
We ask for your support in this period and ask that in communicating with us, the necessity of any works is considered and prioritised. For many clients, we look after multiple sites and it’s important that we keep them all running, particularly as demand has increased across the supply chain.
Telephone support will continue to be offered and this does allow us to provide timely and cost-effective back up to on-site operatives, engineers and electricians.
We aim to keep you informed of any changes in our circumstances through email and social media channels.
Thank you all for your support in this matter, we hope you all stay safe and well during this time.