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A baler is only as good as the conveyor that feeds it. And in our experience, when it comes to recycling, most are simply not up to the job. We weren’t impressed, so we decided to do make our own. 

To ensure our customers didn’t have to compromise, our engineering team has designed, installed and maintained bespoke conveyors as part of our baler installations for many years. These bespoke systems have evolved to become the PUK range of premium conveyors.

Rugged and modular in design, we’ve developed PUK Conveyors to be recycling-plant friendly. That means they:

  • Are galvanized inside and out to cope with corrosive materials

  • Have a slat and chain construction that will flex to accommodate exceptional tonnages

  • Have high side walls for faster loading and throughputs

  • Are modular for easy assembly, maintenance and adjustment.


Individually designed

All conveyors are designed and built for an individual application, taking into account the footprint, materials, throughput and operation of the facility.

Suitable for use with any baler 

Our conveyors can be used to feed any size or make of baler, not just our own popular LP Series. In fact, you don’t need a baler at all to benefit from our high specification conveyor.

If you’re moving materials from one part of your plant to another, and you’re struggling to find a conveyor that’s up to the job, we might have the answer.

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